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Artists Registration

get a quick solution to problems relating to your aftown artist account

how do i get my music on aftown ?

it’s simple, go to aftown for artists

Fill and submit the form

can i register my register multiple artists under one account?

No, each artist must have an individual aftown account

I received an email that my pictures don’t meet the requirements. What does that mean?
It means that your images don’t meet the requirements needed to open your shop. There are several guidelines that should help you when submitting your pictures

Kindly ensure that they are:

  1. At least 1600X1600 pixels
  2. Taken against a plain background
  3. Have no inscriptions of any kind
what should the dimensions of my images be?
follow the link below to view samples and required dimensions of artiste and album artworks: sample gallery
I’ve submitted the artist registration form and I haven’t received a response yet. What do I do?

It normally takes 3-5 business days for your form to be reviewed and a response sent back to you. If you haven’t received a response after the set time has elapsed, kindly send an email Make sure you check your junk mail first. That happens sometimes.

can i change my biography/ pictures as an artist?

Yes. Simply log into your account and update your profile picture, bio and many more

my account is pending, what does it mean?
An account is pending when the account is yet to be approved. Until then you cannot make payment.

My Music on

get a quick solution to problems relating to your music

how long does it take to get my music up on aftown?
It usually takes between 7-14 business days after all the necessary requirements have been received.
my cover art was rejected. What do I do?

It’s very simple. Resubmit your music with a cover art that meets our requirements. The guidelines are listed in the various fields of the form.

how much do i make of my sales on

the artist makes 70% of total sales of singles and albums.

what are preorders and song availability?
If an artist wants to sell his music before the release date, preorder is the way to go. The song availability option is the date that a song on preorder is released.
how can I monitor my music sales?

Once your shop is ready, you’d receive your login details which allows you to monitor your sales and interact with your fans via messages you receive.

who decides how much my music is sold for?

The artist sets the price for his or her music.

how long does it take for my submitted songs to be uploaded?
After approval and payment, Music upload should be completed within 3 days. However if that is not the case , email us on or call on 0503981775
can i personally upload my songs?
yes, and it is very easy doing so.

  1. login or signup as an artiste on aftown
  2. click on either the “upload a single” or “upload an album” buttons to upload a single or an album respectively.

Payment and Funds

get quick solutions and answers to issues relating to payment and funds

do i have to make any payment?
yes. there’s a one-time signup fee of GHC 100.00 ($25.00). once you’ve made that payment, there are no other payments
can I only pay via Mobile Money?
No. You can also use your Debit/ Credit Card to pay the one-time signup fee
how do I get my money?
You can request withdrawal at any time through your online shop
do i have to pay every time i want to upload a new song?
no. once you make the one-time payment of GHC 100.00, there are no additional payments.
after making the payment what’s next

Once you make the payment, log in with your credentials and start uploading

Social Media & Hype

get quick solutions and answers to issues relating to marketing

my songs are on aftown but I haven’t seen any social media posts. Why is that?
aftown does not offer promotional packages. aftown reserves the right to assess and review artists’ profiles and music that we use as content for our social media sites. However, this does not count as promo as we do not charge for featuring an artiste on our social media pages. Selection is solely reserved to our creative and content development departments.


how can i get branded on aftown?
the aftown artist development department (add) in association with  Icr8 & TIC Ghana have branding services on offer to artists who need cover arts and photography. click on the link below to seek branding; aftown artists development

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         Last Update July 2019

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