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get a quick solution to problems relating to your aftownmusic user account on the web app

cannot login

ensure username or email address is accurate and there are no spaces at the end.

having trouble signing up?
every aftownnmusic account is unique. therefore usernames, phone numbers and email addresses can only be used once.
invalid credentials. please try again!
check to see if your aftownmusic username and password are correct.

if you are sure of your login details but can’t access your account, please contact our live support team or call the numbers below

how do i edit my aftownmusic profile?
upon sign up, you will be greeted with a prompt to edit your aftownmusic profile. you are allowed to edit your profile as many times as you want, at your convenience.

  1. click on the avatar at the top-right corner of the screen
  2. click on the view account button
  3. click on the edit information button to edit your profile
  4. save

your profile has been successfully edited


get a quick solution to your problems relating to features on your aftownmusic web app

the menu
  • discover
  • radio
  • video
  • aftown live
  • podcasts
  • news
  • support
  • subscription
  • playlist
the radio page presents you with one-on-one sessions and radio interviews with your favourite artists on aftownmusic. this is a way we get to know more about our artists, thus getting closer to them
aftown live
aftown live gives you the opportunity to stream live aftown concerts, sessions with artists, television shows, and all other aftown programs
the support page helps with solutions and gives answers to problems faced whiles using this platform
  • the discover more section: this section displays a sample of variety of curated playlists on aftownmusic
  • new songs: this section on the discover page shows a list of latest songs on aftownmusic
  • trending songs: the trending songs section shows a list of the most-streamed songs on the platform; with the song with the highest number of play-counts occupying the first position
the video page presents you with latest eye-catching music videos from your favourite artists
the news page presents you with the latest news concerning aftownmusic, our artists and the african music industry
the search button
the search button on the top of the page allows you to look up artists, songs, albums,playlist and the like

aftown Play

get a quick solution to your problems relating to playing of music on the web app

aftownmusic gives you a diversity of in-house playlists that are updated from time to time. these playlists are crafted to meet a wide range of moods and preferences
trending songs section
the trending songs section on aftownmusic gives you a list of most listened songs on the platform, with the most streamed song on the number one spot
discover more section
the discover more section gives you a feel of the variety of music aftownmusic has to offer.
new songs sections
the new songs section provides you with all latest songs in the african music industry from your favourite artists

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